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We have called in the Dragonfly to represent the deep understanding of natural life cycles, embrace the changes childbearing years bring to our paths, and connect to the lightness that can be found in this journey.

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Dragonfly Medicine first logo_edited_edi


Dragonfly Medicine Community Circles for

Pregnancy and Beyond


A Dragonfly Medicine Community Circle is a space for you to find connection to your pregnancy and postpartum path through your spiritual and emotional work.  We vision this circle to be a grounding force for your growth and expansion. 


We are celebrating your wisdom and your ancestral strength. The circle embraces your changes and supports you through them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We view childbirth as a rhythmic natural cycle sustained by the elements of the natural world; earth, fire, water, and air, and of course your spiritual guides.


In the circle we are all equal human beings and the Midwives are present to bring their medicine only as a loving gesture.  They will offer the healing tools they have mastered through years of training their hearts and hands in the healing arts. They will share their wisdom about the plant world and allies for pregnancy,  and postpartum, nutrition, all the practical knowledge for your journey that might relate to your experience, and also bring healing modalities for processing any trauma associated to the way you view childbirth. 


In the circle an ALTAR supports our work as we open our hearts to the realm of our lineages and draw strength and support from them.

We will share a meal and botanical medicines to nourish our bodies.  We will learn fun practical herbal medicine for self-care as well as the care of our family.  We will breathe together, meditate, pray, work with sacred fire, sing our hearts songs to strengthen our parent voices in a loving way. 


We will FIND OUR COMMUNITY as it is well known that it takes a village to raise a child.


Virginia and Stephanie believe in the practice of traditional midwifery. The intension is to embody this ancient practice as their ancestors once did and from their own ancestors lineage practices.


We are support shifting the modern paradigm of midwifery in North America  where midwives offer wellness to the entire family as educators, coaches, nutritionists, as well as being spiritual guides in a natural process. In this paradigm a deep connection with plant relatives is embraced as part of the practice of midwifery. In this ancient way, each Midwife brings special healing modalities and spiritual practices that support the work as healers in the community. 


Virginia and Stephanie want to enter in sacred partnerships with the people they serve rather than placing themselves in the role of authority.  They center the family unit as the ones having the experience and from that they understand their job is to support the process as it unfolds for each family.


- We hope you can join us

Pregnancy Online Circles
Coming Soon

6 Weeks of Circles

Our intention is to hold space for self-discovery and wisdom to guide your journey.  We will offer themes to explore as well as our professional viewpoint. 

These circles are held in reverence for the spiritual and emotional process families go through.  We hold the vision of creating beauty all around us as well as connecting with the natural world and its cycles. Here are some of the themes we hope to explore:

  •  "Self-care as the ultimate Prenatal Care" Nervous System regulation and its implication in pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Spiritual Connection: 

    • Ancestral altars -

    • spiritual contracts within the family union

    • working with the spiritual guides/angels of the baby

  • Emotional aspect of pregnancy and childbirth: 

    • Fears and myths 

    • Difficulties vs. real emergencies

    • Exploration of personal beliefs and creating personal affirmations.

  • Preparing for Postpartum Life: 

    • Mother/baby synced nervous system

    • Digestion of the new mother

    • Rituals for postpartum 

  • Home birth knowledge sharing

    • how to prepare for a homebirth

    • connecting to your strength

    • keeping your intension

    • enjoying the intimacy of your birth ceremony.

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