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 The midwives leading the DRAGONFLY MEDICINE circles are committed to the practice of Midwifery in a traditional way where midwives are more than baby catchers.  In traditional practices, Midwives are part of the healers in the community, they know the plant world very intimately, they take care of families as herbalists and have different healing modalities under their belts.  In some parts of the world, like Venezuela where Virginia is from, the Parteras, Comadronas, o Curanderas are healers in the community.  In the European traditions, where Stephanie ancestors come from, the ancestral practice of Midwifery was also done in that wayin ancient times.

Stephanie and Virginia both have their own an different paths in the healing arts. 

Virginia has been a breathwork facilitator for about a decade and has extensive experience  supporting folks processing trauma and exploring their belief system.  She has study with western herbalists and continues to enrich her knowledge about the human body, now through the lens of  functional medicine as she completed the Women's Functional and Integrative Professional Training with under Dr. Aviva Romm. She is passionate about traditional postpartum care and sees this phase of life as a determinant to the future health of a women.  She is committed to help folks avoid, what we define is this culture, as Postnatal Depletion.  She enjoys making botanical products and has an small home apothecary.  She loves gardening and hopes to keep learning sustainable cultivating practices through the weather challenges in central Texas.  She has walked the path of a Moon Dancer in the Mexica tradition since 2015. This spiritual practice has really shaped the way she practice her healing arts and makes her work rooted in spirit. She has dedicated most of her Midwifery practice to reproductive justice. 

Stephany has been a Midwife for about a decade.  She is a very skilled herbalist, actually one of Virginia's teachers in that art.  Stephany has a beautiful connection to the plant world.  She has study the human body for a long time and knows how to support women through chronic health challenges partnering with plants, supplements, and healthy life style and emotional coaching.  She offers cranial sacrum adjustments and energy work to her clients. She supports her clients in the journey of improving their fertility and becoming pregnant in a natural way as well as supplementing the work they might be doing with a different practitioner. She currently offers on-line groups for women who are going through similar fertility challenges experiences.

They come together to facilitate these circles and groups because they know that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are more than a physical experience.  They both share the inner knowing that these experiences are a portal to an spiritual expansion, a connection to sacred contracts, and a possibility for empowerment. 

They are currently merging their practices into one and are offering Traditional Midwifery Care for families in Austin, Texas. 

You can connect to either one for services our Midwifery services or you can click              to register for future Meet the Midwives events

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